Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Burrr...It is cold on the Spinning C

Picture taken upstairs at the East window looking out into the cattle pasture and over the garden. The frigid winds have stopped blowing or at least calmed and the snow has quit falling and the sun is out.  The wind chill was below zero this morning while I was choring.  Another day of feeding extra hay to the cows and sheep.   Why is it, when the temps are the coldest, it takes longer to chore?    After choring, a cup of hot coffee, a quit shower and change of clothes...I was ready to clean house.  No school today due to the cold temps and the snow banks from the blowing...hubby was out fairly early to go coyote hunting with some neighbors...home alone.  Yesterday I cleaned upstairs and today it is the downstairs. 
I can relax and enjoy my wool and knitting when I know the rest of the house is tidy.

Sunshine filling the upstair studio.  Just calling me to come and play!

  1. Hand spun and dyed yarn winter scarf just about done...just need to finish putting on the fringe.  The rows of this hand knitted scarf was cast on the the length of the scarf  instead of the width.   Using two and three strands to knit from my left overs,  and I made this scarf wide.  One of my purple yarns I spun in a silver and gold thread...I think it turned out pretty elegant for an old farm gal.

Ang sent me a pattern and some yarn to knit for baby Evan.  I got started on this project yesterday.

I love to pick up Jan Brett's Snowy Treasury and look at the illustrations.  What a nice children's book.

I pray that you are all warm and cozy today.  Thank you for stopping by. 


  1. Glad to see your post I have missed you. yes chores take a considerable amount of time in the winter. Cleaning out the barn each and everyday , Well...............I just call myself the "Shit Queen of the Kawartha's"( area we live in).

    It is terribly cold here too. A strong north wind blew in late yesterday and howled all night long.Not sure when the snow began but sometime in the late evening and this morning the dig out. Not only animals to tend to but the snow. Makes summer look inviting......but then remember haying season ;)

    I love Jan Brett books and have a few myself. The Mitten is my favourite.

    Make some hot chocolate and keep warm.
    Have missed you!

  2. Miss you too friend. It seems like I am chasing my own tail lately. The two snow days gave me time to be home and catch up.
    The Mitten is my favorite of Jan's books.
    I have sat in my chair tonight and knitted on the hat that matches the infant sleep sack. Do you have a favorite baby bootie pattern?
    I love your purses and I am so amazed at your speed.
    Tonight I am trying to warm my cold bones with hot sweet tea. Stay warm and I promise I will email you soon.

  3. It has been so cold here these last few days - overnight lows of 14! That's cold for our area.. Today is day 4 at home (no school or work) and the one good thing is, it leaves me time to knit or spin. Your studio is drool worthy by the way, what a wonderful place to "play". The scarf is so pretty, great colors!

  4. You stay warm out there - We too have been so cold but the weather is changing again to the 50's by Saturday. Love seeing your studio such organization.. I love the knitting project you working on for baby Evan - will be snuggly and he will feel the love that you are putting into it.. Enjoy your knitting time.

  5. Brrr ! I too am in the deep freeze. We got our first snow last weekend and then the temps dropped. Here on the plains the wind always blows so it is aweful hearing the windchills in the 20 below range! I so love your pictures. Your studio is wonderful.That is my next project. I am learning to knit and only dream of knitting with some of your awesome yarns. Stay warm !! Ktisty...aka Eggfarmgirl at MJF


  6. Kristy, so glad to hear that you are knitting. What are you knitting on now?


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