Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another cold snowy day on the Spinning C

We had another snow last night.  The winds howled and the snow was coming down sideways...burrrrr...on this windy ridge.  I had trouble sleeping, was up and down to check on the temp and the snow.  13 degrees with the winds blowing at 5 am.   It is a light snow but drifting. 
I dreaded getting up and putting on the layers of clothes to feed but somebody has to do it!  I took a few pictures while I was out there just so that you can help me experience the cold with the love of my animals.
Sadie is happy to see me!   She is always standing on her hind legs at the fence waiting on me to come and play with her.  She gives me big hugs.

 Queenie comes running when she sees or hears me!  My little ball of wool.  Her wool is dragging in the snow.  She comes running when I come out to play with her.
She is so short the others are using her as a table.  Oh, well her wool will be hard to clean but Queenie is Queenie.

Steinie and Sadie playing in the snow...they love to play together.

John after sticking his nose in the snow.

I love the sweet faces and the large heavy fleeces!

Lady keeping watch as the sheep eats.

Liam, waiting on me to get the hay bunks filled.

Who is picking my pockets and pulling on my coat?

Snow difts at every door and gate and at the water.

This is the back side of the house and sheds.  Danny and I walked out into the west pasture to check on the cows and how much hay they had left.  They have enough for the next couple of days.  When we know it is going to snow, we feed extra in the trees and out of the wind and close to the cattle waterers. 
Back to the house to have homemade pancakes with warm maple syrup and a pot of hot coffee.
This is Sunday and today we will watch Dr. David Jerimiah and read our Bible.  We will pray for our family, friends, neighbors and this world.
  This afternoon, I will knit on Evan's baby gown while we watch football.  Packers vs Bears  and then the Steelers vs Jets. 
May God bless you and fill you with His Love and Peace.

This week I should receive 2 big boxes of yarn and rovings that I sent to the Illinois fiber Processing last May...Come back for pictures and then I will start dyeing some.  I am sending Marlyn a couple of skeins...can't wait to see what she knits up!


  1. How fun to walk with you in your winter wonderland. I love your photos so much. Captured the spirit of your babies. I would love to try some hand dyed roving for felting. I am on a learn new things mission. Do you have any to sell ? Please let me know...Your MJF Sister-Kristy aka Eggfarmgirl

  2. Kristy, thanks for walking with me...I hope you had enough layers on. I had snow in my boots when I got back to the house.
    I do have some rovings, they are in white. I will be dyeing some soon or would you like to try dyeing some? It is really easy to dye with koolaid or food coloring and vinegar. I should also get my shipmentof yarn and roving back from the processor this week. I will be selling most of this shipment. Just let me know. How is your drawing going?
    God bless

  3. Sarita I have missed your posts. How lovely to see your farm in the snow. It is darn cold here too, at present -24F and quite a breeze. I pray no lambs tonight although we had a calf this morning. Not such good timing for that. I watched the news this evening and we are in for a few more nights like this. So far the heating bill has been very good but this will break that record. I can't wait to see pictures of your yarn. You will post them I hope? I am down tonight as I had a real nasty comment on my blog this afternoon from a coward (in my mind) because they do not have a return blog so I can figure out if this person has real issues or not.Anyway I thought to put it behind me. Not everyone thinks the same and hopefully God will put it in their head to feel guilty for upsetting someone they do not know. 1 Cor 13:4-8 has been ringing in my head all evening.

  4. Marlyn, I have not been good at keeping up my blog lately. Don't know what is the matter with me lately. Lots of small things keeping me busy.
    Your letter was the highlight of my day yesterday. You are such a neat handwriter, I am not.
    I hope your lambing season will begin when the temps are more bearable. I really like your sheep's coats. Would you share your supplier's name with me?
    It upsets me that an unknown person made bad comment on your blog. Some people are just wicked. I have read some blogs with very bad words and I just left and did not leave a comment. Please don't let them upset you, give them to God and pray for them.
    God bless

  5. What a gorgeous setting your home is in! I love the pictues of your sheep - Queenie looks like she is full of mischief!


  6. Sarita, your farm pictures remind me a lot of my farm pictures. Think it's because we both live in Missouri? LOL!
    We got lots of snow, too, but not the wind so much this time, so the drifts weren't so bad up here. We were snowed in yesterday, though.


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