Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boxes of Wool Yarn and Rovings..Let the Fun begin.

Danny called me at about noon to tell me that my wool roving and yarn had been delivered today.  I was so excited so of course the afternoon went slower than ever.  After shearing last Spring and washing a few fleeces, I sent a few boxes to Illinois Fiber Processing to have it spun into yarn and to get one fleece made into roving.  I love to spin but I can not keep up with my weaving and knitting.  I also devote lots of my day to taking care of the sheep and cows and dogs and cats here on the farm.  I also spent a good share of my time washing wool...over 30 fleeces. 
I am very happy with the yarns in two weights.  The roving feels so silky, makes me want to spin and dye yarn tonight.  In fact, I am soaking a few skeins to dye this evening.  I want to see how it grabs the dye and I need some brown and rust yarn for a weaving I want to do.

This is the silky roving, I can not keep my hands out of it!  

Is it Christmas? My Birthday?  My girls' fleeces made some beautiful yarn! This is the batch of thinner weight.

This is a close up of the thicker yarn.  Not as many skeins but this will make some warm mittens, hats, house socks.

Already got a few skeins soaking, getting ready to dye some browns and rust.
I love to dye wool yarn...I will be posting some of my colors in the next day or so!
I can't wait to knit up something to see how it felts.


  1. I'd love to see how exactly you dye your yarn. Since I'm new to spinning and have never dyed yarn before, I am so eager to learn...

  2. I will try to do a posting on how I dye. I use commerial dyes, kool aid, food coloring, natural dyes...I experiment alots. These skeins were dyed by mixing.

  3. Oh My!!! I can see why you are so excited. I love the wool just bear. I can just see your weaving now.


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