Monday, December 27, 2010

A white Christmas for the Spinning C

Christmas Day we headed over to my 81 year old mother's.  The roads were slick from the snow and ice that fell on Thursday.  The skies were gray and the temps were in the the low 20s and teens.

Going down into the Yellow Creek low lands.

This is a picture of the land across from my mother's.  It is covered with cedars and no upkeep for years.

After I fed the livestock this morning in the heavy fog.  I ran in and got the camera so I could catch some of the pictures in the fog.  This is a picture of the old M. 

Some of the sheep went out to the waterer and to the pasture in the fog.

About noon the sun broke through and the sky turned the most beautiful blue and the trees are covered with the frost from the heavy fog that blanketed us since last night with the cold temps in the teens.

A picture taken in our front yard .  It is a winter wonderland.


  1. Oh how beautiful !! We have only had a few flurrys here in Kansas this year. It is getting kind of scary for the farmers. No moisture for the winter wheat crops. I don't enjoy the cold weather anymore. My old bones hurt too much! lol! But I do love the beauty and wonder of the snow . Thank you for sharing your winter wonderland. Hugs from your Kansas farmgirl Sisters... Kristy

  2. Beautiful photo's. Hard to live through but the view is breathtaking. We haven't had snow in a week. Sunny and cool, but today was unreal cold.-22C and a windshield factor. I did all chores in the barn in a complete snowsuit. I keep reminding myself this winter has just begun.

  3. Oh, Sarita, it looks just like we do up here! Isn't it lovely? I will have to post some more pics on my blog I guess. I put a bunch on facebook, but haven't got around to the blog yet!

  4. Sarita----Your photos are breathtaking as usual!

    Fog today and rain-most of our snow is melting away.

    Blessings for the New Year!

  5. lovely photos, you've a good eye. we had a white Christmas both on the farm and in Richmond where we're getting cancer treatments for Dave. God has blessed us well and we're grateful.
    Happy New Year to you and yours!


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