Monday, November 1, 2010

Windy November Walk in the sheep pasture

Betty Lou, BFL/Corriedale cross ewe, she was born in March of 2009.  She has a very nice coat.  She also was a fast grower with a square body.

Liam, a new BFL ram lamb that we purchased from Jennifer Fitzwater at Cameron Mo.
He is out of a Beechtree ewe and a Bitterroot ram.  His papers are very interesting.   I find myself calling him Limey.  He is warming up to me.  I love his wool.

This is Daisy's ewe lamb.  Her sire is White Knight.  She loves to have her head scratched. 

Limey's wool, very fine.

Birdie, a daughter of Oxford ewe, Bonnie and White Knight.  Gerty and Birdie are big twin girls with lovely wool.  Gerty's wool is white and Birdie has a brownish cast.  Gerty is a pet and Birdie is not but she sings like a bird all of the time.

Tell the girls that it is supper time and they start coming from every hill and valley on the Spinning C.

Teddy is the most laid back sheep on the place.  I blogged about him and you can read about Ted in my older blogs.  I love his wool.  New fences have kept Teddy contained and the wool has stayed nicer so far...but it isn't shearing time yet!

Lady and Sadie on duty.

White Knight is in so much trouble...I had the tractor in the lot by the barn when cleaning out the barn and barn lot...I turn my back and see the black streaks on his side...he decided the tractor was a good place to rub.  How will I ever get that black grease out of his wool?????  I love his wool, it has a very soft and silky handle.

Limey, he thinks he is a ram but still needs a few more months.

This ewe is so sweet, she has wonderful wool and she is Cuddles....
I can't help myself,  I think about sheep all the time....when I am not thinking about sheep, I am thinking about their fiber.


  1. Mom, They all look great! Liam looks like a nice guy, but Teddy is priceless, always making me giggle. Daisy's ewe is beautiful and Cuddles looks like she's still a sweetie. I miss all of them and can't wait to visit.

  2. Cuddles looks just like my Muffy. Exactly actually. Full of character too. Don't you hate it when rams get into mischief. My Lewis is as tall as a pony. But he likes to jump and jump high. His landings are anything but graceful.One of my ewes got into dearest oil reserve from an oil change from the truck. the coat was a loss for the year.

    Do you name your sheep a certain letter for the year? That is how it is done here. This year it is "T", all lamb names begin with the letter "T".


  3. Marlyn, I don't name my sheep in any certain way or theme. I look into their eyes and look at their faces or by their nature. Example: Tizzy, her eyes bug out, she will run up the wall other than being caught and always in a Tizzy.
    Betty Lou, named after a song, sweet Betty Lou.
    Cinnamon was the color of cinnamon.

  4. Great pics Sarita! Liam looks like he's fitting right in :). Love Betty Lou, she has a darling face! Hey are your LGDs maremmas or pyranees? Great looking dogs!

  5. The big white dogs are a mix but mainly maremmas. They will come to me and Danny but especially me. They will even play like puppies with me. Both of the girls will not leave the flock at the same time. They sure bark all night at the nearby coyotes. They were a year old the last summer.
    Liam loves the girls. Hope I get a few little Liams next Spring.
    By the way, did you have a reason to name Liam his name? What does it mean?


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