Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall pictures of the Hills of North Central/ East Missouri

The sun is shining through the clouds this morning.  I was headed to work and knew the window of opportunity to catch any fall pictures is getting very narrow so I took the camera with me.  I stopped on the corner just South of our house and took a picture of The Spinning C.    We live on a very curvy and hilly road.

Coming home from work...a view of the hills from the rear view mirror.

Climbing up one of the hills on the way to work.  I am so blessed to see all the beauty that I see coming and going to work.  I love the fall.  The trees are not as pretty this year as they usually are.  Many times I have deers cross in front of me over the top of this hill. 

Going down into the wetland bottoms of West Yellow Creek.  If someone spits up North, this area floods.  In places the highway is lower than the side ditches.  When this has water over the highway and I have to go around, I drive another 20 minutes to work. and usually not having loving thoughts about the people that are responsible for the flooding.   Once you go down into the bottoms then you go around a now curve as you climb up another very steep hill.

Up and down the hills and round many curves when you live in North Central/ East Missouri.  It is beautiful country but I don't like driving here when the roads are icy.

The last roses of summer.  The bush has many blossoms that are starting to fade and fall apart.  By the way,...what happened to the summer?

This little ewe is chowing down on the new hay that I just put out for the sheep.  She is a shetland and BFL cross.

Lady laying in the hay bunks while the ewes are trying to eat.


  1. Once again lovely pictures. The colours are beautiful. One of my daughters brought to my attention yesterday that all the sugar maples have long since lost their leaves but other types are holding dear to their coverings. We didn't get the deep red here this year, perhaps too much ground water from all the rain but it was a long colourful fall. You asked about the winds browning all the leaves away. Well no, just on the ground. I have a couple of dark maples at the front that are just loosing their leaves. I will still have to rake them.

    WE are experiencing an 'Indian Summer' here right now. Warm temperatures and very windy. I have had the house doors opened during the daytime to get the last of the fresh air in. However we seem to have developed allergies with this breeze.

    The temperatures are starting to cool down as of today, but still pleasant into next week. Then rest assure snow!


  2. Oh and we live in very hill, twisty road country too. I should take pictures for you!

  3. Marlyn, it seems that you post the weather conditions there and in a couple of days, we have them here. It was in the low 30s this morning when I got up and they are saying our temps will be low next week. As I went by a mobile home down the road from us, I noticed the roof had been blown off and it looked like a can and someone had used a can opener and cut the top off. We have had very strong winds.
    I enjoy your pictures so much. This way I get to visit your region and save the mileage and wear and tear on this old sore body that doesn't handle traveling very well.

  4. You forget how young you are sometimes!
    I am feeling it too though. My problem is I forget my age and pretend to be a teenager ( daily) again and believe you me it catches up with you.


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