Monday, November 1, 2010

Tea Time on the Spinning C

A good hot and strong cup of sweeten tea makes me think.  In the peace of my kitchen I sip on my tea and comtemplate the chores of this farm.
Finishing the fencing...winter is near and the cold freezing winds will be blowing....
The rams are in with the ewes, lambing will happen in mid March and April.  Time to set up the birthing jugs again.
Sell some of the ewes, oh that is a terrible time for me.  I also need to decide which ewe lambs stay stay and who goes.  It is so hard to maintain a good breeding program if the heart gets in the way.
Thanksgiving is just in about 3 weeks.  If the weather holds, Ang and Lisa will be coming home for the holidays.  We will get to hold and squeeze our grandbabies.  I will get to see Ang in the pregnant state.  Ryan and his family will be here too.  I love my family!  I think I always dreamed of being a mother and to this day, I wish I had did things differntly but sometimes, life happens and you have no control of how or when things happen and no matter what, you could not have changed the events. 
I do love the holidays.
Tires need to be put on the truck before the snow blows, the car will sit in the garage.  I feel so much safer knowing that I can lock the pick up into 4 wheel drive.
we have hay in the barn and stacked for the animals.  Our cupboards are full.  The freezer is full too.  We will go shopping again to get our meat and holiday foods.
God has blessed us.  I need to spend more time in God's Word and less time  trying to solve the problems of this world. 
Tomorrow is election day.  I am so sick of all the ads and lies!  Do they think we are stupid?  One party blaming the other...
Politicians, I have the answer...stop fighting, work together, fix the problem, take a pay cut...stop acting like a king or queen and act like a public servant that puts the good of the country above yourself.  Stop blaming or critizing others unless you have a solution to the problem or are trying to solve the problem....I am tired of the bickering and fighting...stop the smoke and mirrors acts...we the citizens of the USA pay you a good salary and I expect something for my tax dollar.  Stop taking bribes and represent me and my countrymen.  Stand up and be a proud citizen, give back those contributions that lay a guilt trip on your mind.  Represent the people, not the highest payer of bribes.  Have a back bone or don't run for a public office.  Do what is right for everyone...not just for yourself.  You know when this life is over,  you will answer to God...and you will feel better when you look in the mirror.  Don't tell me you are a Godly person just to get elected to office...the media will report your sinful ways to all sooner or later.
I am so frustrated.  The parties platforms get people elected but policitians often don't behave the same as they did while running for office.
Example: run as a Godly family man while messing with a woman in Argentinia.
Say you are against abortion but don't hesitate to send soldiers in to die.
I need to count sheep.


  1. AMEN!! I agree with you about the campaign ads! I am sooooo glad it is over! I was so proud that the two candidates for governor here in Arkansas agreed to run a clean campaign and stuck with their promise!

  2. How nice that would be. But it will be a long time before we see your vision (our vision too) come to life. Or maybe if we just pray a little more on the subject through out the year... miracles do happen!


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