Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trenton JV Bulldogs Come up Short to Brookfield JV Bulldogs

What a beautiful fall morning.  The wind is blowing and the skies are cloudy and the air is cool but the sun is suppose to come out and shine...I think today will be a great day.  After all it is God's Day and I pray that God blesses you with enough of everything.
Chores are done, I am dressed for work...cup of hot coffee, I am ready to start the work day.  Have I ever told you that I love my jobs and the kids that I work with everyday.

Brookfield came to play last night at the football game and Trenton just couldn't pull it off.  It started off with an interception by Trenton that ended up being a touch down for the Trenton Bulldogs!  But then Brookfield came out to play and dominated the game with Trenton putting their heels in after half time and holding the blue dogs.  I didn't take my camera last night, it was rainy and cloudy but there were many times that I wish I had.  Sorry no pictures...but for those that couldn't be there...Wy did a great job, I see him getting better and more aggressive each game!  I have missed everyone of his sacks...I want to see him sac the QB one time!  I am getting desperate...2 games left to go!  $20 says that I will see one!

I will be selling ram lambs this week end.  If you need a fiber pet, Buddy is tame and a loving pet and he has beautiful fiber, email me if you are interested.   Also let me know if you would like to start your own flock of Shetland Sheep.  If you have the means to take good care of some Shetland Sheep and would give them a loving home, I may be able to help you get your start.
Linn Co. R-1 Jr. High Basketball team pulled off a win for their first  game of the season. 

God Bless

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