Sunday, October 3, 2010

Flock Reduction Sale

It is a sad time on the Spinning C.  I am being nudged by family and by my health to reduce my flock of sheep.  This really saddens me, I eat, sleep, and live for my sheep.   As you all know, I love my sheep, I enjoy dyeing, washing, carding, weaving and knitting their wool.  I also enjoy the babies in the Spring but not the up all night and to work in the day and back home to care for ewes lambing.  Most of my girls are pets and love to be scratched behind the ears.  I currently have over 70 head but plan to at least get below 30 head to lamb this year.
I hope I can find someone that is wanting to start their own flock and could keep most of the ewes together and love them like I do.  At the present time I have Shetlands and BFL and BFL crosses.  I don't have the room or time to care for two flocks and keep  rams for both flocks.  So I have decided to try to find good homes for the Shetlands.

Lilly, registered, is a big pet, she throws beautiful babies with very nice wool.

Lizzy and Miss Cinnamon resting in the shade.

Miss Daisy, registered.

Lucy, not registered, but a purebred shetland.

Cinnamon, a wonderful, sweet spirit.  She loves to eat slices of bread, animal crackers, or oatmeal cookies while she gets a good petting.  She also talks to you and lets you know if something is not right with the girls.

Lizzy, is an older ewe but she is a sweetheart and has beautiful babies. 

Buddy Boy, raised as a bottle lamb when his mother died after giving birth to twins.  He is a wiether.  Friendly and well behaved.  Produces a lovely silver gray fleece with a slight tan to it. 

Bitsy, registered, not a big pet but she is a nice girl that has lovely babies without problems.

Daisy is going to be hard to part with.  She is a lovely girl and she is registered.  She has had two nice babies.

See the nice conformation of this shetland ewe.

Rambling Rose is Ebby's girl.  She does have 1/4 BFL in her blood.  She is not a big pet but has a lovely fleece and could be tamed easily.

I will take more pictures of my shetlands and add them to this blog.  Please email me at if you are interested in any or all of these sheep.


  1. I understand where you are at. Two years ago i went through this process as well. Tears in my eyes when the chosen ones had left. Life goes on and the ewes I have keep throwing off offspring. It has been decided on her that after lambing season we shall reduce the flock to half the ewes i have at present. Yikes! Reason being Dearest health issues. the dairy is our main income. Sheep are my passion. I full get you on this one girl.BTW your pictures are precious.

  2. I am going to post the pattern for the hat I knit on my blog later this week. I have already put the instructions on but need the school computer to get the picture of it. I posted it for you.


  3. Thank you Marlyn, I just mailed out everybody's hats yesterday...that pattern is so cute and looks like it would fit better than the pattern I have been using.
    Thanks again


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