Friday, October 15, 2010

Danny and I sorted sheep and trimmed hooves last evening.  I have had a chest cold and Danny has a head cold so we were not very energic.  We will finish up on the sorting tonight and load a trailer load out tomorrow.  Shetlands are staying unless I know that they are going to a loving home.  I am very happy with that decision. 
A good friend and co-worker gave me green beans from her garden and some tomatoes.  When I got home, I got them ready and put them in a pan with ham to cook.  Danny suggested home made rolls and some cinnamon rolls so I whipped up a batch to be raising while we were outside working.  We ate about 8:15 last evening...meatloaf, baked potatoe, light rolls, greenbeans and ham, and cinnamon rolls for is a wonder that we didn't have nightmares or indigestion during the night.  We are so blessed!
I am watching and waiting for an email to let me know that the Illinois Wool Processor has finished processing my wool that I sent in May into yarn....  I have been drawing out plans for new woven wool rugs and trying to plan out the colors.  I can't wait to get back upstairs and do some weaving, I also have a orange and black school colors hat to knit for Lexi, finish a pair of stuffed mittens for my dIL.  Never a idle moment.
The leaves are beginning to fall, not as colorful this year.  I love these cool is great on the Spinning C.
God Bless

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  1. Lots of work. I don' t get that kind of help. My sheep my job! Glad you are happy with your decision as to what to keep. It is so hard to make that type of decision. They are like part of the family. Hope it goes well for you and you are feeling better real soon.

    Smiles. M


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