Monday, October 25, 2010

Catching up on the Happenings on The Spinning C

Sorry that I got behind on my blogging the last few weeks.  It has been crazy around here.  Here are my excuses for not blogging. 

1. Sorted sheep, setting up the different pens for the breeding groups and turning in the rams with the ewes
2. Sold half of my lambs and some cull ewes
3. Purchased a registered Bluefaced Border Leicester Ram from Jennifer at Cameron...Liam
4. Went to Blue Springs to a Seminar for work, went down to KC the night before and got home after dark the next day.
5. Fencing, winterizing the water system, setting up the feeders for winter
6. Cleaning barns, getting ready for winter
7. Got sick again, last bout started last Thursday night and still dragging.  Not much has been done the last few days.
8. Hubby sick, doctor diagnosised him with a sinus infection today and he is taking antibiotics now.
9. Working at work, working at home
10.  Fall cleaning...washing blankets, putting up summer clothes, getting out the flannels, cords, and winter clothes.
11. picking apples, pulling last of the green onions, picking pears
12. Cleaning out cabinets for storage before next shopping trips so we have plenty of food stored for the winter ahead.
13. NO SPINNING...No Weaving>>>No time in my studio!!!!!

I have to tell you about Queenie...she is Lilly's 2010 lamb.  Queenie has the longest and prettiest wool.  She is a real lovebug.  In fact when I feed the lambs, she comes in but comes over to me and wants petted instead of eating.  She is not thin so I know she is grazing during the day.  She also choses hay over the feed.
Queenie is white, daugher of White Knight and Lilly Shetland.  Lilly has eye makeup but overwise has been pure white since birth until a couple of years ago when her face began to turn brown.

The ewe's wool is growing.  Right now the wool crop is looking wonderful...just protecting it for 5 more months!
I hope to get some fall pictures and hopefully some of the leaves will still be on the trees.  The wind is howling tonight.


  1. Oh you are funny!!
    Keeping a ewe's coat clean for 5 months! You need flannel coats and cloth diapers for that task.

    Sorry to hear you have been sick again. It is awful to feel so worn through and sick on top of it all. Take some vitamins because rest just isn't on the calendar.


  2. Marlyn, you are so right about the rest part. I drink a vitamin drink every morning and it has been helping some. I just go until I get worn out and the germs just hop on.
    I guess I have the theory to live life, you need to live it with the gas wide open, hair blowing in the wind, jumping the hills and hanging on. I just forget that I am getting older!
    God bless,


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