Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Night Football in Trenton

 Danny and I arrived at Trenton for the football game and was just a little late. As we were just coming through the gates we ran into an old acquaintance and he was telling us about his mother's passing...Camera bag in hand, unzipping...eye on the field moving toward the field but all the while listening and talking to Kendall...Wyatt then blocks a punt and his team recovers the picture...but what a play to start the game!
I am a sports fan, I like to watch the St.Louis Cardinal baseball team, I watch  KC Chiefs football. Then there is race car racing, I am a Jimmy Johnson fan.  But none of the pro's competitions come even close to the games that my own children played in or now my grandchildren.  Danny retired last December and he promised me that we would go see the children and grandchildren more.  For years we were both working, coming home to chore, and Danny was driving an hour to work and back home and to boot, I was sick all the time it seems with that autoimmune stuff.  Plus Danny's  company often worked him over time and 6-7 days a week leaving no time for family life, just working and sleeping and driving back to work.   We both are enjoying the freedom to drive to Trenton and watching Wyatt play.
What a joy to watch Wyatt!  Every week he just appears to be more comfortable out on the field.  He has always been a very competative boy and now a young man.   I pray that he is enjoying playing the game.   

Getting ready to tackle the opposition...go Wyatt!
The Trenton JV Football team played hard to finally give the game to the Unionville JV Midgets 8-0.
These two teams defended their line and not much scoring going on.
You are going down!

Wyatt, Number 58, my favorite football player. 
Tonight was so fun watching Wy  playing the game.  Tackling, blocking, he was giving the game his all.

Time Out...let's hear it Coach.   Who knew they would kick an off side...
Danny and I pray daily that God will bless our children, their families and homes with joy, peace, love, good health, happiness and prosperity.  We can't give them all of that but we know that God can.

To my sheep and wool friends, if the weather holds this week, I plan to get out in the pastures of the Spinning C and get some pictures of the sheep and the farm as the season changes...but for now, IT IS FOOTBALL SEASON! 
Please come back for more pictures this week of Wyatt and Home Coming activities.  Wednesday evening we will return to Trenton for the Homecoming Pep rally and then Homecoming game on Friday night.

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