Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Growing Wool at the Spinning C

Teddy and Gerty in the South Meadow
Both are from the late Oxford Ewe, Miss Bonnie.  I loved her wool and she has passed it on to all of her off spring.
I have kept everyone of her lambs except for Silky which had beautiful wool but wanted to nail me everytime I went into the lot so he went By-by.

Cuddles is very content eating the tender green grass.

Speckles' 2010 Spring ewe lamb, another ewe from Miss Bonnie line.

Can you believe this wool?  I should have enough wool to spin and make a few pairs of socks, shouldn't I?

I just love the sweet faces of these BFL crosses.  They are all very gentle and laided back ewes.   Hope they are easy lambers as well.

This is Miss Tizzy's, Shetland and White Knight, BFL ram's, 2010 ewe lamb.

wiether, Buddy Boy...bottle baby.

China doll is 2009 shetland and BFL mule.  She will almost tackle you to get behind her ears scratched.

Nap time is over, back to the meadow to eat.  We are running about 70 head of wool makers at this time.  I am seriously thinking of down sizing and selling my shetlands to a good home.  I love them but if I can find them a good home...not to a killer, I will probably disperse the shetland flock.

What a beautiful afternoon I had after work in the meadow with my sheep, dogs, and camera.  But you won't believe this...yeah you will...by 5:15 pm the skies darkened and the wind, lightning and thunder hit and I retreated to finish the chores just in time before the storm hit.  Got in the house and got the windows down just as it started to blow rain in.
Thanks for stopping by...please keep the Spinning C Flock in mind next Spring when we shear...The Good Lord is blessing us with more wool than we need so that we can sell a few fleeces so we can afford to maintain a healthy flock of beautiful sheep.
Thanks for coming over and may God bless you.


  1. Breath taking photo's. I have fallen in love with your flock. Wonder if they are as mischievous as mine?

  2. These sheep are so very sweet and gentle. They just love to have their heads scratched and I love to touch their wool...planning my next sweater or socks. (smile)
    What breed of sheep do you have? What time of year do you lamb?


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