Thursday, August 5, 2010

Haying on the Coffman Spinning C Fiber Farm

The cows come to watch Danny mow. 
Mowing the rolling hills of the Coffman farm
We finally got to start haying here on the Coffman Farm.  We have not started on the hay fields that we bale into small square bales that we feed the sheep.  Danny has been haying every day that the weather will allow.
Danny got into bumble bees and hat is off

All at once Danny raised the mower and speeded up the tractor to get away from a nest of bumble bees that did not appreciate him mowing over their nest. 

The mowing of the hay has started.  If all goes right and the weather holds out, maybe we will be done next week!


  1. You hay quite late! We have been done first cut awhile now and are on second cut. But our season is shorter then yours. It has been a wet year and difficult to get three days of dryness in between. We round bail for cows that are fed outside, and square bail about 4000-5000 bails for sheep and about double that for cows each year. Our grain came off last week and the straw bailed this past week. Oats and barley and corn left but they wait still a few weeks.

  2. Our season is very messed up. We had a very late Spring. My sweet corn was yellow from all the rain and it didn't get knee high. We should have been done haying the 2nd week of June. We are worried what kind of nutrientional value it won't have this year. We do the big round bales for the cattle too. I use about 300 bales of hay for my sheep every winter. And we are just getting started on those bales and of course we use the old baler and older equipment for the square bales which lead to more break downs. We are getting nervous about this because the neighbors are just getting done too and we might not be able to buy from them.
    We do not row crop anymore. This year would have been terrible. Many farmers just have quit trying to get their crops in and others have beautiful crops.


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