Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gone to the Dogs

Steiner loves the sheep but sometimes his friends get rough with him, especially when his old friends become Mamas and they don't like Steiner coming around.
You never know what Steiner will be up to next...

One day as I was coming home from work, I saw a couple of boys, one in a little Tracker and the other boy standing in the side ditch and I saw the boy in the ditch throwing something and as I got closer and the tracker was trying to hit what the other boy had thrown, I realized that it was a dog when I saw the little balls legs moving.  I sped up and almost caught the boys but stopped picked up the puppy and then gave chase but they turned off and with the dust I could not get a license number.  I was so mad that I was in tears and if I could have caught them...I really don't know what I would have done. 
The puppy crawled up into my arms and I came on home.  I told Danny that I would take the puppy to the animal shelter the next day.  This puppy wormed his way into Danny's heart within an hour. 
Danny asked me, "What are we going to name him?'  I said it better be Einstein, he needs to be really smart if we are keeping him.
Einstein goes with us everywhere.  He hugs us, he loves to have you throw a squeak toy and he goes after it.  He loves to play soccer.  He blocks the ball with his little body. 
He is really is a very smart little dog.

Steiner hunting in the newly mowed hay...I hope he does not try to bring me the snake or mouse he finds!

Einstein waiting on Danny to come home, he watches out the patio windows and the blinds are always out of line.

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  1. He is a sweetie. I too have a "nonsense" dog.AS in he was bought as a protector of my sons and daughters as he is huge but he became a pest around the animals. Life of the farm has a hum to it and it only took a matter of time, and one mean cow to make him respect cows. And then one day a mama sheep head butted him and that was it for sheep. Now at 13 years old age my wolf looking dog sleeps in with the ewe's. It is quite comical when I think about it. But he is too old to care. Sheep make warm beds!


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