Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Putting By for the Sheep

The Spring and Summer of 2010 has been very wet and stormy and we are way behind on putting up the hay we need for the sheep.  We can not mow and bale the hay when it is wet.  The hay needs to be cut down on a nice sunny day after the morning wetness is gone and then let it lay for a couple of days prior to baling.  The weather is just not cooperating.  The weather reports for this week was dry all week and temps up to 100 degrees.  We got busy and mowed down a bunch of hay last week.  We began baling late Saturday and we picked up a load on Sunday afternoon when we could see clouds in the North moving our way.  We hate to work on the Sabbath but felt we needed the hay picked up and stacked and covered just in case the rain hit us.  We got the first load unloaded and said, that will be all we can do but as the evening progressed and the skies darkened, we went back to the hayfield with our lights on and piled on another 60 bales of hay and then covered the trailer with large sheets of black plastic.  We took our showers and called it an evening.  We were beat!
At 6:45 am Danny woke me and told me that we better try to unload the trailer and try to get to the fields to get the 100 bales still on the ground.  We hustled to unload the hay into the barn to get to the field but the lightning and rain moved in on us as we were shutting the barn door.    Lightning struck close to the house again and things snapped in the house.  I screamed, I really thought that lightning had struck in the same place twice.  We couldn't find any damage other than now the internet would not connect. 
This morning, Tuesday, we went back to the hay field, cut all the strings on the bales and Danny is running them back through the rake and going to try to day the hay back out so we can rebale....but we have rain in the forcast for tonight.  It is 97 degrees in the shade and after the 1 1/4 in rain we got yesterday morning, it is like being in a sauna.    Just hope we can salvage the hay! 

baling square bales

The moral of this story is to trust in The Lord and know that He will provide and Keep the Sabbath.

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