Sunday, March 21, 2010

Listed fiber on Ebay tonight.

I am selling Miss Speckles lamb fleece by the pound on Ebay, I got it listed tonight. I actually had saved this fleece and was going to send it to the processor because her mother's wool always made the most beautiful yarn. Her mom, Bonnie was an Oxford, she was a very large ewe and her wool had a luster and just slipped through your fingers when you were spinning, it also felted nice. I have kept every one of the ewe lambs from her for our breeding program. Bonnie had twin ewes last Spring from White Knight and I have already washed Birdie's fleece but I didn't list it yet, I want to wash her twin sister's, Gerty, so I can compare them.
This is Dottie's wool. She is a cross from Isabel, a registered shetland that has beautiful soft wool and the sire is HMFF White Knight. He came from Herbal Maid Fiber Farm in Rosebud, Mo. I think I have pictures of the trip there in my older blogs. This wool is very nice, I wish I had did a better job with the pictures. It is long and shiny. I just had to spin some of it last night and I just combed the ends and the spun it....spun like a dream.

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  1. People would be crazy to pass this up. It's softer than it looks even. I miss petting that soft wool. It's better than therapy!


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