Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Busy Saturday...September 6, 2008

Hi, come on in. Hope you don't mind coming up to my weaving studio...I need to wind some skeins of yarn into balls for weaving. Watch your step...these stairs are really steep in this house. I almost feel like I am up in the clouds at times when I look out of the window and a storm is rolling in. This is the spinning wheel Danny made me that matches the oak china hutch that he also built, in the dining room. I can spin some very fine yarn with it. Here is my yarn swift that I use to make balls...Danny made it too. When I am done, I just fold it up and put my carder back up on my stainless steel table. I also draw, paint, cut out sewing projects, and sometimes I just sit here with a cup of hot coffee and think about what I want to do and what I really need to do. Old Murphy likes to stay close. He gravitates to the spare bed in the other room upstairs. He is a very old fat cat! He loves to lie on my quilts. My mother use to love to quilt and piece quilts and embroidery the blocks....when she got too many, Angie, Lisa, and I were the recipients. She is 80 now and says she got tired of quilting and her eyes bother her now. She also collects antiques and buys jewelry...We are blessed! Mother's house is spotless. She collects dolls...antique and collector dolls, dishes, tea pots, head dolls, old hat pins, and the list goes on. All the beds have 5-6 quilts on them and some hang on quilt racks on the wall. I am safe in saying she has at least 30 dolls. Glass front curio cabinets are filled with very old dishes and shine, shine, shine. Sorry that I got off track, just know that I like a neat house but I like to spin, knit, weave, garden, paint, read, photography, and I even have a mini lathe that I turn ink pens on. Needless to say, I work full time and teach part time of an evening and sometimes on the week ends besides taking care of about 50 sheep so things are not spotless here. The Good Lord is still trying to balance my life with work and play and He is doing a good job because I give Him praise in all things...He is so Great and knows what I need more than I do. He gave me a wonderful husband of 38 years that enables me and my hobbies and treats me like a queen. I have 3 grown children, 2 grandchildren, 4 dogs and my daughter, Ang lives with us now and she has a big black lab, Moose, and old fat Murphy is hers too. I have 2 barn cats too.
This is Mr Gray lying under Miss Patch. Sometimes I go out to the barn and find Mr.Gray sleeping on one of the sheep...soft and warm cat. The lambs love him. They follow the old cat around the barn lot.
My friends came by this morning to take one of my rams to the Tina Sale today. I hated to see the big old gentle boy go but I couldn't use him anymore...I hope he went to a good home.
Ang and I went to Brookfield for feed and mineral for the livestock. While we were there, I picked up the items I needed to make the Martha Steward's goat's milk soap recipe. We then stopped at a yard sale and Ang found some really nice tops and I got a pair of jeans and a couple of sweat shirts and all for $8.00. I then came home and moved sheep to different lots and fed and watered them. Cleaned out the barn, sprinkled it down with Ag lime, went four wheeling to find the old bull, made the goat milk soap, did laundry, and Angie is making chocolate chip cookies...Hmmmm, wish I could can the sweet homey fragrance of baking chocolate chip cookies. I would be a rich woman.
I better get to warping so that I can weave some cotton tea towels tomorrow afternoon after church. It is very relaxing to listen to spiritual bluegrass music while I am warping and weaving.
Hope I have not bored you with the goings and comings here on the Spinning C. You all come back and know that The Lord Loves you and he will keep you....bless you all.

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