Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lisa's 31st Birthday...Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Today is our baby girl's birthday. She is 31 years old now. Married to a wonderful husband and father, Ken. Then there is Alexis, our granddaughter...she is growing faster than we would like to admit. Wish you were here. If you were, we would sit out in the yard and enjoy this beautiful day that God has blessed us with. Here is some pictures taken today.
This is the spinning wheel that I advertised to sell. I purchased it as an antique but I have spun on it. I just have too much in my house and need to move some of this stuff out. Email me if you are interested.
Some of the sheep got into a lot with the big bale and trying to ruin their wool. But it does look like fun doesn't it?
The goats milk soap I made yesterday is great. I know I am not suppose to use it for 2 weeks but you know patience. It does not have that strong homemade smell, my skin feels so soft and it was great to take off the grease and oil from Danny's hands when he came in from working on Angie's car.
God Bless you and keep you.


  1. Hey Sarita! I love your spinning wheel. I'm curious about your old spinning wheel. Do you know any details about it? Who made it? Where it was from, et? What wood it is made of? How much are you asking for it? I don't know how I would ever get it cause we are not that close but I've wanted an older wheel that works for awhile so just throwing the inquiry out there. Thanks!

    Luna (TheFarmLady for MJF)

  2. Hey Luna,
    I can't find any names on the old wheel...It has "16" on the end of the board that is the base for the spindle. I think it was probably an old production wheel. I know it is very old. My husband made a spool for me to be able to spin and put in some new hooks. I paid $150 for it and would like to get $150 for it. Getting it to you would be another deal...the legs are glued in tightly. It would have to come in a big box. We could try and see what it would cost to ship if you decide you want it. I will ask Danny what kind of wood it is made from. I have 4 wheels that I can spin on now and it is not practical to have all of them sitting around. 2 Danny made so I have to keep them. One is my Louet and I use it for all types of yarns. I love it.
    Thanks for stopping by.


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