Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September 2, 2008 Watermelon Harvest

Welcome, come on in. Would you like a slice of watermelon, we just cut one of the smaller ones. So sweet and good....hmmmm Wasn't yesterday beautiful in the midwest? It was definitely the Lord's Day besides being Labor Day. How about today? Started out so fine with the sun shining and warmed up nice. Then about 3 o'clock, the clouds seem to float over these hills and you could look to the West and see the rain coming. Thunder and lightning too. It has showered off and on all evening.
I sliced up 5 cantalopes and 1 watermelon to put in the refrig to snack on. I love this time of year, don't you? My husband, Danny loves to grow his melons just like his dad did so every late summer we have watermelon and cantalope for our supper meal. Wish our children in Nebraska were here. I miss them and had planned a trip but Danny didn't feel well the entire 3 day week end. He went out to his patch and came back so pale that I put him on house arrest!
I cut and stripped some of my broomcorn yesterday and bundled it to hang up in the garage to dry. Some of it has already turned a rust color. I am going to use it in fall bouquets and wreaths. Wish me luck, never grew broomcorn before but have seen it in the fall for decorations. I didn't plant a whole lot but I am going to have plenty barring nothing happens.
On Labor Day we, Ang, Dan, and I wormed all 46 head of sheep. I have never had much trouble with worms but with all the damp weather they tell me the sheep pellets will melt and the little worms spread more. I wormed everyone in the Spring about shearing time and then Bayla, a little shetland ewe lamb acted sick, I looked at her gums when trying to decide what the problem was and her gums were white. I wormed her but she died the next day. When a sheep gets down, they can die really fast on you. I put lime and shoveled up as many of the sheep pellets as I could last evening. I hope we have caught this in time with the whole flock. They run on 80 acres of green pastures but I bring them in to a dry lot of an evening to keep them from the coyotes.
It looks like we will have a bunch of apples this fall if all continues well. The tree is loaded and they just keep getting bigger....I probably should have thinned them but I really didn't think they would grow this way. Don't you just love to come into the house when an apple pie is cooking? I can smell the cinnamon now.
I knitted on purse handles for Angie tonight. She has taken her younger sister's purse off the loom today and sewed it up, I will sew on the handle and then we will felt it some and Angie will , then finish it off with a needle felted design on the flap and a nice matching lining. Ang made her sister's green for her birthday...hope we can get it finished and mailed to Lisa before her birthday. Angie over dyed some natural brown shetland wool from a ewe named Tizzy to a dark green (Lisa's favorite color). The color looks so rich. After we finish I will try to get a picture of it up here on my blog.
I enjoyed your company, come back anytime...God Bless and you all have a very special day tomorrow...I know you will!


  1. Oh, boy! Your produce looks so yummy.
    Last year I cooked up a bunch of apple crisp filling from the neighbors surplus apples and froze it so that I could make it during the winter~what a treat!

  2. Hey Bonne,
    I think if God is willing we will have plenty of apples. I like to use my apple peeler and it cuts the apple into rings and then I can them with sugar, cinnamon, and apple juice and red hot candies in small pint jars. They are pretty to the eye and a real treat on a cold, snowy day. I also make apple pie filling and that is a quick pie for us.
    You come back and see us again.


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