Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Up at 5AM mowing day

The early bird gets the worm...if that is so, I got up before the birds this morning.  I have always been a person that is up and down during the night.  Maybe I am just so excited that today is yard mowing day....I push mow where Danny can't with the rider.  LOL. I don't think so!

But seriously, I did enjoy being out on the peak...what the natives to the lake call us...peakers.

We can't stand up on this steep hill and weed eat and you can't push a mower up it and it is too dangerous to go down it.  I decided our first year here that I was planting grasses and trees and ground covers and mulching as much of this hill area as I could to eliminate as much work as possible.  Today I ran the weed eater where I could and then sat on my behinny and pulled grass as I slowly worked my way down..then back to the top in a different spot and repeat.  
The temp was in the 70s, the skys were hazy, I could stop and watch the boats out on Fine Lake.  I just took my time and enjoyed the moment...I think old age is causing me to mellow out!

The daisys are blooming...I love them!  45 years ago, my brides bouquet was daisys.  

The bees were really busy on the lavender today.  I just love to brush my hands over the lavender and smell the lovely aroma.  I have 2 different varieties of lavender, a light colored lavender and the other is a darker one.  I have already cut two bundles and hung to dry.   Oh my!

I had another small hill under a tree that needed my attention.  I turned an old planter on its side and had Danny move a scoop of compost to the area and planted flowers as if they had turned over and spilled out down the bank....if in doubt or if it is looking dull...plant flowers!
God bless you today and I pray you can enjoy the task at matter how hard or boring it may be!

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  1. I like to rise early too. Beautiful pictures by the way.


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