Monday, July 6, 2015

Fun Day in The Flower Beds

We had the warmest day of summer really wasn't bad!  We had a light breeze and the sky was hazy.  I had a few new plants to get planted in the flower beds...all perennials...mostly different varieties of Heuchera

Planted 2 of the Tigers Eye brown eyed Susan's.  And also a new balloon flower in the big west bed.

The yellow Lilly are blooming all over the place.

Any idea what this big plant is?  I put it in last year and it is not at all what the label lead me to believe.  

I thought I was putting in a new pink delphiniums like this purple blue one.  

 Love the Heuchera plants and I have several now.  My kind flower loving neighbor , Sue and her husband Dick our moving and down sizing.  She gave me some metal plant markers and I sprayed  the label part with chalkboard paint and wrote the plants name in white.  Today as I planted the new plants, I marked them...of all things I forgot to make a marker for the citronella Heuchera.  Love this bright eye catcher!

I planted 7 or 8 heuchera son today...Melting Fire, 


Grassing ham 

No tag on pot when we got home...research, darn I may have to go back to Horrocks.


Dale's strain and a few others.  
Brass lantern
Heuchera look so good with hosta.  Next year if all goes well, we will have a very pretty entrance off of sweetheart Lane.

This grows at the base of the trumpet vine arbor..I love orange and purple together!

Autumn Bride

My favorite..Caramel

While I was working in the flower beds Danny was putting up a new fan on the patio..then I gave the patio a good cleaning!

I have been getting a gallon of black raspberry very other day!  And I will start canning green beans tomorrow!  They are loaded.

Life is good.  I am blessed.  Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour!    Have a great day!

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  1. Love the garden photos. One of these days I'll get Hubby to put up a patio fan for us too. Thanks for sharing.


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