Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Traveling back in time...

I want to share some of my photos from about 46 or 47 years ago.  Danny left home right after high school to go to the Navy during the Vietnam years.  He walked alone to the end of his driveway  as a boy and I would even hate to think of what he saw or did during those 4 years of his life after leaving the farm for the Navy.

He had been raised as a farmer's son.  Chores and milking before school and got off the bus in the evening and went back out to the barn to chore and milk.  No basketball or after school activities for him. Everyday...7 days a week.   His dad expected the boys to work hard.  He even pulled the boys from Browning school because they didn't get home until after dark in the evenings and he needed their help.  Danny then went to Bucklin to school.  He graduated 50 yrs ago this May.

I can't imagine being alone and knowing that you might never see home again.  Saying good-by to all you know. Being all alone for the first time.   Riding on a train for the first time, flying on a plane for the first time.  Having a drill Sargent yelling at you.  Then being shot at.  

Danny sitting on the ship...just looking handsome...all tan and buff!

My handsome sailor

  Danny served in the US Navy for 4 years.  He ran up and down the rivers in Vietnam, I don't know all the details.  I do know that what he saw and did effected him to this day.
He just mentioned today that when his Vietnam interpreter didn't show up they knew that they were going to be hit that day.

My pictures are old and cracked so I thought I needed to try to salvage them the best that I could by scanning them and getting them reprinted.  I plan to make a shadow box frame and include his medals and ribbons and his pictures to hang on the wall.

When we met in 1969, we were attracted to each other the first time we saw each other...lol...2 loose cannons.  I had met my match and I know he had met his!  We loved to drive his 69 Camero fast.  I sat on the console by him as he would drag race anyone that pulled up by him.  He still does not let anyone beat him off the light at a stop light...he pins you back in your seat...I just know it is going to happen but our grand children as babies have laughed and told Papa to go faster.  I have ducked my head at times and other times I have rolled down my window and rubbed it in to the other young driver.

Thanks for going down this memory lane with me.  We will be married 45 yrs this May.  He is my best friend and the father of our beautiful children...little angel, Amy Anne, our son, Ryan, and our daughters Angelia Renae and Lisa Marie...and our wonderful grandchildren...Wyatt, Lexi, Brandon, and Evan.  God has blessed us.  Thank you Lord for letting Danny come home safely from that terrible war.  Thank you for the hard times so that we could grow closer and enjoy  the good times together.  We are so blessed and I pray that you are too!

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