Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More mixed media

Rain, snow, and sleet did not dampen my day!  I had a great day today!  Worked downstairs in my studio and had tea and a great visit with Becky and her sister, Carol.  Carol is an artist and does lovely paintings.   You can see her art at Take a look.  Becky is a weaver and sells her work at the farmers market...both are very nice talented gals!  It made my day!

I enjoy mailing things to my family members as surprises!  

My grandchildren and 85 year old mother love to receive the chocolate bars that I send them so this time I am putting the candy bars in these decorated brown envelopes that I found at Hobby Lobby and I decorated them.

Moms...Grandma Cooper had hens, my favorite thing to do at her house was gather the eggs.  
Mom also loves the chocolate bars.  I sent one in her Valentines card and she told me she ate the candy bar before she read the card!  She is so funny!

Brandon's because he loves the super heroes.  He is my handsome blue eyed hero.  I did not think Brandon would want the fufu of flowers and ribbon so I stuck with Superman!  He loves the chocolate bars that I send him!   

Lexi turns 16 this tell me where all those days went!  

Lexi 's ...she loved the sheep when we were on the farm!

Wyatt 's. Wyatt and I went fishing one day at the farm.  I think the only thing we caught was a sun burn but we spent time together.   Wyatt is at MU and studying hard...soon will be 20!  My grandchildren are the beautiful Rays of light in my life.  

The chocolate bar fits just right.
Do you love color?  I sure do.  When I ask Evan what his favorite color is, he always tells me, "I like em all." 

I may have to buy more chocolate bars so I can make more envelopes to send them in...

If you ever get a chance to watch Les Feldick teach on the Bible, sit down with a cup of tea and your Bible.  He explains it so well, and helps me to understand The Word.  He is preaching on Revelations right now.  I have always had so many questions about the tribulations.  Les is breaking it down for me.   I record his show because I often rewatch his shows.  

I hope you were blessed with a great day!  
God Bless

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