Monday, November 17, 2014

Bagley Family Reunion 2014

Danny and I traveled back to Missouri for a visit in October.  The weather was nice, a little on the cool side.
We had a nice visit with Ryan and Mandy and took in Missouri Days at Trenton.  Mother did not feel very good.  I planted some new daffodil bulbs in her flower beds...I hope they make her happy next Spring.

We also attended the Bagley Reunion held at Linneus Mo.  Our family numbers are getting smaller and smaller every year.

My brother Steve's young great grandson, Rardon.

Steve's wife me that look...for taking her picture.

Very hard to tell what is going on here...Phil, my little brother.

Olethia Monroe, my cousin's wife, and a lady that means so much to me.  She did so much for me as I was growing up.  And there is Shirley, my sweet cousin.  

Shirley...the sweetest person I know.

The chow line...not many of us left.

Thank you Lord, for the safe trip and for letting me see so many family and friends.  But Lord, I thank you for my home and giving me the place that I feel secure and at peace/   It took me up a week to recoup. 

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