Thursday, July 31, 2014

A nice cool July day

Good-by July!
Taking off again!

How is a woman suppose to get her house and yard work done?  Hot air balloons go over and land on Fine Lake, then we have our pilot that does loops, goes up and up and then it sounds like his engine quits and he does a free fall and at long last his engine sputters and he is flying upside down again.   This yellow plane lands on the lake and takes back off a couple of times a week.  I run for the camera and try to get out in the yard for pictures.  But of course I run for the camera for about, old

Where has July went?  We have been so busy....Ryan, Mandy, and Wyatt came for a visit  and later Lisa and the kids arrived...we had a wonderful time!  We have also been to Ann Harbor a couple of times to the VA Hospital for Danny to have surgery to remove cancer from his ear and face.  He still has a open area on his cheek that we will continue to get treatment and more surgery to get it closed.  We are about 2 hrs from Ann Harbor.
I hope your July has been memorable and I pray that God blesses you over and over again in all things.


  1. Oh, it's definitely been memorable - two kids graduated from military training and we had lots of fun, laughs and stories told.

  2. I am sad to see July go...
    Summer is moving along too quickly!


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