Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sarita How Does your garden grow?

Day Lilly in the front west bed...

Balloon flowers are beautiful  when the Spring flowers are being trimmed away.

Tall canna burst out in a beautiful bloom...it was worth the wait!

This flower bed off the back patio is full and spilling over.  Many herbs will get trimmed soon.

I planted two hydrangeas last year on the shady east side of the garage.   Both are blooming this year. 

I love bleeding hearts...I planted this one this Spring and it appears to be looking good and blooming....I planted this between the two hydrangeas.

I am not a big fan of mother in law's tongue but I love it with the cork screw grass and the waxy varigated plant with the little red flowers.  It has really spilled over.

This patio planter is really growing...I have to water it a couple of times a day.

These dialihas are huge...dinner plant size and so many blooms.  They have also been watered daily and the stems are huge too.

The flowers around the yellow lillies got so tall that you can not see the lillies.  I am moving the lillies out to the edges and moving some of the taller flowers to the middle of the bed.

I purchased a couple of starglazer lillies and daisy plant to put in the back center bed....my favorites and I just felt I needed them....

I love the beautiful colors of coral bells...I put in 4 different varieties in the flower beds.  I am trying to get all perennials so that I don't have to spend so many hours in my flower beds. 

This is the back center bed....Lamb's ear has taken over and will need to be moved next Spring.   Daisies and Lillies are in...

I love the black raspberries and we had a big harvest...seedy but great flavor in jelly and pies.....who needs a pie?.....not on my diet but it is a treat for special occassions.

This rose looked like it had not made it through the winter so Danny cut it back to about 8 inches this Spring.
I take pictures of my flowers and I am trying to make a book to document all the plants on this place.

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  1. Beautiful! I'm afraid to share my flower gardens. I have not caught up with my work, so the weeding is not finished yet.


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