Sunday, June 29, 2014

RIP Brother Steve

Family and Friends of my brother, Steve Bagley traveled to the mountains in Colorado to spread his ashes as he wanted.  Look at those mountains in the back ground.  I wanted to go but knew that the trip was too much for me right now.  Phil, my younger brother sent me pictures from Colorado...helped me so much. 

A beautiful place, I can see why Steve loved it out there so much.  Steve was always living life to the fullest, going full tilt...sliding in side ways.  Steve never wasted a minute of his living life.  He was 5 years older than me so we did not run in the same circles as kids and later in life he was busy with his many friends and family and I with life does we were together a few times a year.  He loved to fish, drove his truck, enjoyed his friends so much.  Loved his boys and his grandchildren and then his great grandson.
I found this picture where Steve and Danny had old Princess out and gave Ryan and Angie a ride.  How time has flown! 
Mom told me today that she wished she had all three of her kids back...I hurt for her and I feel like part of me is gone... I could see my dad in Steve at times and other times I could see my Mom then out came this little glint in his eyes, that onery  smile, and his teasing...I too wish my mom had all three of her children!


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