Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Blog of 2014

Playing catch up already in is a hodge podge post.  It is cold outside and getting colder with lots of snow!  So most of my activity is inside!

Ice then snow and more snow and we have our electricity  back on after loosing it for 6 days during the ice storm of 2013.  We made it but talk about the challenges.  After we got the electricity back on we had a couple of nice days and then the snow started falling. On New Years Eve I sat in the living room looking down at the lake and it was lightly snowing, people had their huts up ice fishing, others were cross country skiing across the lake with their dogs running by their sides.  The next thing I could not see the lake or the people.  It was like a white curtain had come up between me and the lake.   The snow falling has been beautiful.  So I have enjoyed staying inside cleaning, knitting, still unpacking and working on my studio, dyeing wool, spinning, and enjoying my time with Danny in a warm home with electricity.

Macy Sue is helping me to knit Angie a wool hat that I will be fulling as soon as I am done.

more knitting...Macy Sue wants my total attention...

About done but Macy gave up on me and went to sleep.

This is the knitted hat laying on the floor beside a sheet of is huge!
After washing the knitted hat in hot soapy water with lots of Agitation, and then doing some shaping...Angie's hat is done and drying!

I am also knitting myself a new gray scarf with a little bling!

I also finished a pair of heavy weight wool socks from yarn I spun from my own sheep's wool.

Have you ever lost something and you felt like things just can not be complete until you find it?  In my kitchen I have hens, chickens, blue fruit jars and old tins but one old tin was very important to me...the Uneeda Biscuits...Aunt Glenda brought that to me years ago from Michigan because I loved  biscuits made by Grandma.  The little tin had sat on a shelf in my kitchen in Laredo and then in the old farmhouse kitchen.  I packed things in such  a hurry while trying to work and I had wrapped the tin up and put it in a box that I just found while unpacking things for my studio in the basement...I was in tears, jumping for joy.  My Aunt Glenda died 2 years ago, how I wish I had been moved to Michigan so we could have spent more time together.  Memories of Aunt Glenda will always be with me as long as I have my memory and my little biscuit tin...the other tins were in my Grandmother Cooper's kitchen when she moved to town from the old farm.

The old wood stove in the corner in the TV room downstairs was here when we moved.  Danny wanted to take it out but I wanted to keep it in case we ever needed it for heat...well, we went 6 days with an electric heater in the upstairs and we never built a fire so I think it is safe to decorate it with some of Danny's old toy tractors and pictures!

The yarn and pattern are sitting on the shelf, just waiting on me to get started .  Got to finish the gray scarf first.

Unpacked some more family pictures and started making downstairs feel more like a home.

Christmas day without baking all morning for me but we had a BBQ'd ham with green beans, jello salad and deviled eggs.  Evan had on his Steve's sweater and loved unwrapping presents.  He wanted his Papa to help him.

The dogs wanted to help Evan unwrap his gifts and he was OK with that...they are his buddies.

wow! A red Chevy Pick up...

with a trailer

and it has working headlights and makes motor sounds

Got more presents to open?

Macy Sue headed to the guest bedroom for a nap!

A little purple finch posed for me since I filled her feeder!  Today the snow has stopped and the temps are dropping.

Beautiful blessing from God!

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  1. I love the hat!!
    It has been a very cold winter, and it looks like the cold weather is here to stay for a while!
    Stay warm!!


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