Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Setting up my fiber studio

Since moving I have put the studio downstairs on the back burner.  I never realized how much fiber stuff I had and I want to paint the walls a light gray and then the floor...then the floor?  There are tiles down but I am  not crazy about them...but what kinda floor do I want...oh well, I am not in a rush.

I have my Toika Table loom warped and  I have a scarf in progress.

I have the warp loosen when I am not weaving.

Now if only I had the big room finished and all the other looms warped.
I have yarn in all the cubies, hanging on hooks, in boxes.  Most of it is hand spun.  I also got my shipment from the wool processor...I think 9 boxes of rovings.

A vest I want to make.

One corner of the large room will be my blogging, paper and photo area, and Evan's office when he wants to write.

A sad site...the tapestry loom is all ready to warp....the large Toika floor loom is not even close...oh well if it keeps snowing and the temp stays in the 20s...I might have a few months.
Danny has a 70 inch TV, a sofa, 2 recliners, a kitchen area in his man cave attached to my studio.  I take my spinning wheel in and sit with him and watch football while spinning...I am blessed!

May God Bless each of you.  

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