Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Fall Drive on the Back Roads of Michigan

Many of the roads have canopies of tall trees in Michigan.  Trees also grow right up to the side of the roads.  The first time I saw the beautiful trees, I was in love.  Walnuts, hickory, pines...I love them all.

This tree is right beside the road...a deer rub tree.

The colors are starting to change, what will it look like in a couple of weeks.?  More importantly, who is going to rake all the leaves?

We are out in the open but getting ready to go into the tunnell of trees as we drive along.

This a highway...beautiful!  

I love old barns.  I wish I was a very rich woman, I would help people fix these old landmarks.  I know how many hours I spent in our barn.  A good barn is so important for a farmer with animals to care for.

The apple trees are almost red with all the apples hanging on the apple trees.

I needed this drive today.  My heart hurts for the people that are out of work because of the government shut down.  I feel so frustrated.   I feel that our government is out of control, there is no balance of powers.  We need you God.  As I read the Bible, I know what Jesus tells us to do.
Please let us all pray that our leaders will receive the wisdom and knowledge and ethics to vote and run this country in a way that is pleasing to God.   

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