Tuesday, January 15, 2013

All Over The Place Tuesday

I got home from work and changed clothes and headed to the south pasture where the sheep were grazing and the dogs were laying in the sun...camera in hand.
The large dogs seen me coming, started barking and all the sheep came running.  There goes my photogenic moment!  A woolie stampede.

We just got a light skiff of snow last week end...then the system moved on east and south..they are getting lots of rain and freezing rain...we really need more rain.

Lieah looks back and wonders why they all came running into the barn lot.

See how low the pond is...

Macy Sue running and hunting.

Sadie is such a noble and loving dog. 
And she can cut loose and have a great time. She loves it when I come out to play with her!

Looking back at the barns and house.

Another picture...really!

This ewe is a beautiful fiber animal, she is 1/4 BL and 1/4 Oxford and 1/2 BFL. 

FeFe you are so darn cute!

I love Pinterest and all the time finding things I want to try.  Did you know you can start growing celery from
the base of a stalk that you cut off.  I put mine in water in this shallow bowl and in one week, the center is
starting to grow.  I will get a pot and put potting soil in it to plant my new celery plant.

I finished my copper backsplash over the week end.  I also did some touch up painting in the kitchen and Danny worked on putting up some more trim.  I never dreamed that remodeling could take so long and make such a change in our home.

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  1. Love the pictures of your sheep and pup :). That is so amazing about celery, I am going to try it.


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