Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beautiful November Day

It has been a while since I blogged.  Life gets hectic.  I have been working, painting on the bathroom and kitchen remodel...we are about done.  Whoopeee!  Today was a beautiful day and after work, I changed and took off to visit the sheep.

Sadie is a great guard dog.  She was ready to play with me.  She stopped and gave me hugs.

Some of the girls in with Logan, BFL Ram.  These girls are so nice.  I can not wait to get my hands in their fiber..

Logan and girls.  I am so ready to shear.  Their wool is calling my name.  I need to make some coats for them to keep the vm out.

Lady is the other half of the guardian dog team.  She is not as friendly but she does her job well and the sheep love her.  Everyone should have a flock of sheep to come home to and relax with.

My little buddies had to go on the walk with me.  Macy Sue loves to hunt with Steiner.  Her nose is to the ground and  she makes me giggle.  Her Boston Terrier ways are quick movements and the most loving dog that I have ever had.

 Steiner is a great little buddy too.  He loves squeak toys and loves to cuddle.  He goes with Danny everywhere.  He has given us such joy.
Einstein, wire haired Border Terrier.

Mr Gray is a stray cat that came here a few years ago and never went home.  He is the most laid back cat ever.

We enjoy beautiful sunsets ...I love to do chores and put the farm to bed as the sun sets.  All the animals are fed and watered and gave some petting.  I feel so blessed.  

Back to work in the kitchen...copper backsplash is really pretty but I have cut the tips of my fingers so many times while putting up the 6 inch copper panels.

God bless  everyone...the snow will be blowing soon and I will be working in the fiber...Sheep breeding season will soon be over...about mid December...then we just wait till March to start lambing, shearing, and the process starts all over again.,

There is so many things that I want to knit and felt this you have plans for the snowy evenings this winter?

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