Saturday, September 8, 2012

Friday Night Football in Trenton

Wyatt down and ready for...
 Friday Night High School Football and of course we went to watch our oldest grandson, Wyatt (58) play in Trenton.  The Trenton Bulldogs took the win from Putumn Co.  Unionville had a small team and they struggled all night.  Wyatt had a good night last night.  He got an allergy shot this week and he acted like his old self.

Trenton ruled the score board all night.

Sam Muff on the drums.  Wyatt and Sam have been friends since babies.  Their mothers and grandmothers have been friends forever.  I had not seen Sam since he was a very young boy...he has grown up to be a very handsome young man....where has the time gone?

I always enjoy seeing the team line up and take off their helmets at the end of every game.

We praise God for our family.  Each of one of them is so special to us.  I thank you, Lord, and I  ask that you bless each of them. Please protect each one of them.  Please guide us in all our decisions no matter how small or great.  Please let us all walk in Your ways Lord.  
Lord, please fill our hearts, souls, and minds with Your Word.  We know Satan uses lies and deceit to harm us and cheat us of the joys  so I ask that You fill us with Your Spirit so that we might overcome Satan and his deceitful deeds so that we can walk strong for you, Lord.  I also ask that you give us knowledge to know when to talk about You, God, and when to be silent and let you work your miracles.  I pray that you will always make our paths that we are to take clear and pleasing to You.
I praise you in all things great and small and I ask for your blessings in Jesus Name....Amen

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