Friday, July 13, 2012

The Spinning C Fiber Farm

Why I love the Spinning C
Tizzy, a Shetland Ewe.  Her wool is soft and dual coat.  She produces babies that have long and soft wool.  Tizzy Lou is getting older, one more year to have babies and she will return to eating and sleeping and keeping the other girls in line.
Sugar is the prettiest cow on the place and the sweetest.  She was a twin and I got her just a few hours after she was born and no one thought she was going to live…even me at times.  She is now about 12 years old.
Sissy is my right hand man…she is getting old too.  If I limp, Sissy limps.  She lays by my side of bed, my chair, by my dinner chair.  I know I am never by myself, Sissy is just a few steps back behind me.
John Boy when he was a lamb…he is now a big white boy with a dark face.  He is a boy of few words:  but rules the feed tough.
Steiner is our play boy, rabbit chaser and catcher of none.  He loves a good squeaky toy…he is my husband’s boy.  I love him too.
You hardly ever see Steiner without a toy.

My granddaughter, Lexi, spent all the time she could until she got older here on the farm.  She loved the farm, the sheep and cows.  She spent more time out with the animals than she did in the house.  She has a picture of her and John for her face book pic.

  I love the innocent baby lambs.
Another baby pic of John Boy!
I may grumble but I love doing chores in the cold snow….
Sitting on the patio in the morning, having coffee in the summer.

I love the Spring, lambs being born, calves being born, fruit trees blooming, a new start and another winter is behind us, new beginnings…I think I love Spring best here on the Spinning C.
Construction on the kitchen continues. 
We had sprinkles today, we could see it raining to our west and north…zipped by us.  We know that the Lord is a loving father and he will give us rain in His good time.  We are blessed and give thanks for the many blessings of our lives here on the Spinning C.

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