Monday, May 14, 2012

Making Jewelry

I have many pairs of earrings but I have discovered that I enjoy making earrings and necklaces to match my outfits so I started watching YouTube videos and now I make 5 or 6 new pairs of earrings a week.  If I get new clothes, I take them up to my studio and match beads and then design new earrings and sometimes necklaces. I shop E bay, Hobby Lobby, Walmart and bead shops to find my stones and beads and findings. I can't even believe that I am doing this sometimes because I have never been a very jewelry wearing woman.

I had so many pairs of earrings that I ordered a new organizer to hang them all on.  These are mainly my own hand made earrings.
New organizer spread out.  

Organizer folds up.  Really saves space.

A few pairs of my handmade earrings.

A few of my necklaces.  I have allergies to many necklaces so I have started using ribbon and cord

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  1. I love making jewelry, too. Your earrings and necklaces are very, very pretty! And you have so many of them... :-)


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