Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lambing Season 2012 has Ended

It is hard to believe it is May 1st.  Thanks to Danny for all his help this year, lambing season is over.  We had 10 ewes to lamb and ended up with 16 lambs...wow! what a difference from last year.  But all and all I am happy that our numbers were decreased this year.  I have been fighting an upper respiratory infection for most of the winter and two bouts in less than a month so I can rest now, no more every 3-4 hour trips to the barn day and night.  Soon school will be out and I plan to really relax, spin, rug hook, knit, clean house, wash wool, play in the garden, and spend time with Danny and the kids when they come to the farm.

It is a beautiful day.  We had clouds and rain last night and this morning but the sun is shining and the grass is green.  The warm sun just warms the soul.  I love to grab my camera and head to the pastures to get pictures of the new babies.   Sorry for being such a poor blogger the last few months...maybe I will do better this summer.

Gerty with her girl, Blue Bubbles.  Bubbles is our oldest lamb.  I might have named her something else at first but now she is Bubbles to me.  She has that personality.

This is Birdie's little girl, her name is Blue Bird.

This is one of Sammy's lambs.  He has the ears of a Cheviot doesn't he?

Both of these girls are out of Liam, our BFL ram.  

Huey and Louey are out of White Knight, BL ram.  Their mom is Tizzy, a shetland ewe.  They were bouncing around within 30 minutes of being born and I am here to tell you that they know everything that is happening here on the farm...nosest little guys!

Lady has to be where the babies are.  She loves the new borns.

This is Mini, our little pet ewe lamb.  She accidently got in with the rams and ended up having twins.  She prolapsed 4 days before her lambs were due and the vet even had to help deliver them.   She had a little girl, MEME and the little guy , Buster.  She is doing great now and she is a good little mother.  But she will not have anymore babies.  I plan to keep Meme and whether Buster so he can stay here on the farm, this will be Mini's only family.  If they put off the wool that Mini does....it will be great!
Thanks for joining me on the walk in the green pastures today.

Danny is giving me a rug hooking frame for Mother's Day.  I plan to use the hand spun yarns from our flock to make my rugs.  I have also been spinning some heavier weight yarns to weave.  I plan to air out the upstairs and get back to work up there soon.  I love to listen to music, have the windows all open and a breeze blowing through as I sit and weave.
I will plan on blogging about the espinners that Danny has made me.  I have been really cranking out the yarn lately.

God Bless, take care, and come back to the Spinning C Fiber Farm.

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