Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring, Renewal of Spirit and counting my blessings

Last night was almost sleepless for me, my body ached and the pain meds would not help.  I again began to feel sorry for me.  When I can not sleep, things seem to be worse for me.  I slowly sink into a self pity that requires me to read the Bible and stop and count all my blessings. 
The birth of new babies, baby lambs and calves, seeds growing and the new beginnings of Spring brings new hope and renews my spirit.
Nature is the perfect example of renewal. But did you know the Creator renews people, too? The Bible tells us that God sees within each of us vast potentials for new energy and accomplishments. God sees within you valuable and new potentials. “Just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life” (Romans 6:4).  Aren't you happy that whenever you face a problem, you can bring it to Jesus. He will not only answer your prayer, but also bring out new resources within you!
God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and best friend, three wonderful children that are all married to persons that I would have chosen for them to share their lives and be my sons and daughter by marriage.  God also blessed my life with wonderful grandchildren.  All beautiful and so smart and such a joy for me!  They have lefted so many happy spots in my heart.  I am so blesed!

After a med induced sleep most of the day, I was determined that I needed to go where I feel so close to God.  I grab my camera and head outside in the sunshine.   Lizzy has one of her twins with her as she grazes the green grass.  

I watched Gerty and baby Bonnie Blue stop and graze and when Bonnie gets too far away, Gerty gives a soft baa to call her back to her side.  Isn't that like us humans?  We want our children to have fun but we keep them near and want to protect them from the cruel world.

Isn't this baby precious?  So innocent walking way out behind his mother.

I watched this ewe graze and her babies kept calling to her but she kept her head down and eating away until she was ready to go to them and let them suck.  She knew that she had to eat in order to feed them.  This ewe was a beautiful lamb, in fact her name was Pretty Girl but as you can see the life of a mother has changed her looks...shoooooooooooooo, I don't want her to know!

Isn't this baby beautiful?

The Lettuce that I planted in March is growing.  Radishes, beets, and onions
are also up and growing.
Danny dicus the rest of the garden today and plans to plant some sweet corn tomorrow...a little early but we sometimes hit it right and have some early sweet corn...sometimes you have to try things and try to beat the odds.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Peach, pear, cherry and apricot trees are blooming.

Sugar had a little girl this year.  Blackberry had her little bull calf just yesterday.  She has him hid right now. 
I tell her to go get him or I will call DFS on her.  She ignores me until she is ready to go get him.

Lisa called last night to give me a report of what's new with Brandon.  Brandon says cool, apple, he is trying to snap his fingers but they won't click so he clucks his tongue.  17 months old and a joy!
Evan had his first doctor's visit today.  He is a good baby that has day and night mixed up.  He had lost a pound but mom has milk now so he will start gaining again.  Another blessing!
Wyatt is going to be driving in a couple of weeks, this is so hard for me to believe.  He is still the little boy that sit on the wooden harvest table stirring cookie dough.  The little guy that stood by me as I sewed his Halloween clown costume. 
Then there is Miss Lexi, 12 years old, pre teen years.  She has left many happy memories in my heart.  At about 3 years old she once put her window down to yell out to an older lady that had some hens, " Hey Lady, what ya want for that big fat hen?" 
Papa and I see hens and we both start laughing and recalling this precious memory.  Lexi always liked chicken strips so when she went shopping with me, I always bought her a couple to snack on.  One day she was very tired, didn't want to leave the farm but begrudging she had went with me because she knew she would get chicken strips but when I gave the lady behind the counter my order, the lady told me she didn't have any ready but she was just cooking a new batch.  Lexi, burst out...Oh No Lady!  And began wailing.  As soon as the strips were done, the lady brought them right out to my little strawberry blonde with the sweet angel kisses on her fair cheeks. 
I am blessed and Spring is here...time to renew and have faith that God will give me new resouces and that I will continue to love life and count all the wonderful blessings that He has given me.


  1. I too am feeling renewal here. Planted some snow peas and spinach on Sunday. felt so good to get my figures dirty in something other then poop!
    Laundry on the line.Washing the lace curtains and packing away winter clothes. Spring rituals. Hopefully you sleep better tonight.

  2. Precious. Thank you for the reminder to count my blessings.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  3. I pause to read your post and slowly I look around and begin to count my own blessings. Thanks so much for the inspiration.


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