Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Sires of the Spinning C Fiber Farm

                                   HMFF White Knight , Improved Border Leicester
White Knight is our primary sire of the Spinning C Flock.  He is a big gentle ram that wins everyones hearts.  I enjoy spinning his silky fleece.
" Clean and lustrous!    Finer and more uniform than most Border Leicester, without sacrificing staple length.  Soft enough for sweaters, strong enough for socks.  An excellent choice to blend with fine adult mohair. Staple length can be 6-10 inches with approx. 4-5 crimps per inch." We purchased him from Kathy of the Herbal Maid Fiber Farm in Rosebud Mo.

We then keep his daughters and they are bred to Liam, a registered BFL, that has the tiny string of pearls fleece. 

We girls must stick together...and fiber is the best glue.

I would also like to add that the US government needs a budget overhaul by good old  girls! 

  1.  Why is the Senate and House of Reps not cutting their own benefits and wages?  Don't hear those words do you?
  2. If you are cutting your budget, don't you cut out the miscellaneous first?  And the necessities last!
  3. If I don't have the money to help my neighbor, I don't go borrow money that I can't pay back to help, I roll up my sleeves and do what I can with what I have to help and keep my nose out of their business.


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  1. The sires are sooo handsome! I might just have to try and spin some of that silky fleece! Love the good ol' girl commentary! Well said!


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