Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Catch Up Weekend

I played catch up this week end.  So many things to get done in such a short time.  First on our list was to restock our pantry.  Gas prices are going up, so we know everything else will too.  We can't just get in the car or truck and drive a few blocks to a grocery store from the farm.  It is a 25 minute drive one way to the grocery store and a little over 2 gallon of gas.  So we decided to buy more things in the bulk and eliminate the town trips when we can.  We stocked up on flour, sugar, rice, macaroni, cheeses, meats, and fresh fruits.  A pick up load.  Nice to know we have the extra but I burned the late night oil, repackaging, using my seal a meal to split up the meat packages and put in the freezer, putting the dry goods in sealed containers.  We are praying for a good garden this year.  Last year, I did not get one can of vegetables put up. 

We also hit the farm supply store to buy some new lambing heat lamps, nipples, and fender washers...and they were having a SALE!  We found sweat pants, 4 shirts for me, and a couple of hooded sweat shirts for  $1 apiece.  They also had 600 count sheet sets for $25, orginally $79.  I am into sleeping on a very comfortable bed.  Yes, we got all this at a farm supply, I want to show you what a do with the washers.  Make your own diz.

plain old fender washers, about $3.98 a lb. at farm store.

I applied the inks to the washers on front and on back.

You know that I could not just leave them plain!  I took my inks for glass and metals and of course, added color.  Is this a necessary step?  Absolutely if you are a person that must have color on everything!

using the washer as a diz to unload the drum carder.

This is one of the smaller washers and look at the nice roving I am removing from the drum carder.

This is the rovings from one drum carder load.

I hope everyone that purchased wool from me receives their boxes this week end and are happy with their wool from the Spinning C.

 Danny saw this set of combs on Ebay and he purchased them for me.  They look lighter and not as long so maybe I can use them without my hands hurting.  I am excited!  I love any new fiber tool!

I also ordered this apron pattern.  I wear aprons all the time in the summer when I wear my summer dresses.  I think I will make a few of these. 

We feel very blessed.  God supplies all our needs. 

I pray that God will give each and everyone discernment to make the correct choices that will honor God.  


  1. Good idea, buying in bulk. I have already noticed the prices on several items going "way" up. I love the apron pattern, can't wait to see your finished ones.

  2. Emery and I were just discussing the same think over breakfast. We have parked my van away for now and using his car. It means we can't all go somewhere at the same time, but I am already seeing less cost on petro. fabric is going up with spring shipment and due to cotton production in India. The flooding there last year and consumer demand unable to be met. Costs up.Wonderful job on your roving. You made the disks so pretty. I am done lambing now. Have not done head count but there are too many maaa's around here right now. I will get the count ( it is on paper) done this weekend. I shall be selling a large chunk of them by April, lambs and all. Can't keep this up.Can't wait to see your apron. Not sure I have seen anything you have sewn before.

  3. I am so thankful for the side of beef we now have in the freezer! We are making lots of choices based on how much gas costs now.

    I have seen those combs and wondered about them! Let me know how you like them!


  4. Sorry about my poor communications lately. I have not been feeling well and now I think I have a pinched nerve in my neck. It hurts to hold my head up. I continue to work but by the end of the day, I am hurting.

    I think our lives are going to change in many ways due to the cost of gas. Food will go up, and everything else right behind.

    Marlyn, I don't think I have sewed anything since last Spring when I made a couple of aprons. I sewed all the kids clothes when they were small. I even sewed up my own bras, underpanties, and jeans. I used Kwiw Sew patterns.

    I have not got to play with the new combs yet due to my neck. It is a real nice set up. I am sure I will be using them alots later. I will be shearing this Saturday. Hope this neck clears up.

    Anka, I can't wait for it to warm up so we plant some garden. I am so ready for summer vacation.


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