Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Windy Afternoon on the Spinning C

Yo! a sec? I just got full of  green grass and the lady gave me some brome hay today would think that she is trying to fatten us where was I...oh I decided to lie down here a minute and doing a little chewing.  The wind is blowing pretty good here today and my wool has been blowing all day...I know my wool is a mess but don't you think my eye make up looks good?

Hi! Teddy here.  The lady that comes out here everyday finally built some fences that I have to stay in...sure messes up the free spirit theory that I was working on.  Oh well, she tells me what a gorgeous boy I am everyday, pats me on my head and she can't keep her fingers out of my wool.  Annoying but I know she means well.

See how white my wool is?  It is staying much cleaner since she built those fences!

Lilly and Queenie coming in for a drink...mother and daughter.  Queenie likes to follow the lady shepherd around  and sometimes gets a good petting and when given the opportunity, picks pockets...loves the cell phone case.

Queenie, more wool and body than legs.  Hey, Lady wait up!  Do you need any help carrying out some grain tonight?  (It doesn't hurt to ask.)  Hey, I got an itch behind my ear...wanta take care of it while you are out here?
It's a beautiful day for being November 21st...sunny/cloudy and a little windy, we still have some green grass but I really like to romp in the any ideas when that will be happening?

Danny put on the new seat that Ang and Wayne got him for his birthday, put on a new power steering pump and all new hoses...about got the old Massey in tip top shape again.  Doing a test drive to just see how good the new seat feels and how she steers now.

The sheep act so content the last few days with the temps lower, green grass and hay to eat.  Sheep are on all the hill sides in the Meadow.

The Lady says that I get to stay...and that I think  I am the Queen of the has a lot to do with attitude and maybe this 6 inch long beautiful wool...don't forget the unique black spots on each ear and that I follow her around just because I am nosey!


  1. Sarita, I take it you don't shear Shetlands in the fall like we do the Icelandics.
    Your sheep are so pretty. I just love the unique look of some of your cross-breeds.
    Nice Pics!

  2. Thanks Brenda, I don't shear the Shetlands in the fall, I could and probably should because the wool is so fact I was thinking of doing it but due to the late haying season...just didn't have time this year.

  3. How beautiful.
    You photo's are a real treat.
    Queenie really is a queen.
    They are beautiful.

  4. Thank you for visitig my blog today!
    Wishing you a wonderful holiday!

  5. Love your new header.Very creative. And the photo of you blogging!!! Good one.



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