Sunday, November 21, 2010

Einstein, our Wirehaired Border Terrier, ball player

I want to share a few things on this farm that makes our lives happier.  Eistein is difinitely one of our family.  He keeps us on our toes.  He hugs us and loves us so much as we do him.
Steiner always stays alert, ready to lunge for the ball.
"Come on, throw the bal,  big boy!"

He is already up this high before Danny tosses the ball and Steiner always catches the ball.  He has a one track mind when his ball is out and ready to be tossed.

Steiner doesn't like to give the ball back once he has caught the ball.  He is so pretty, look at the eye makeup.

This dog keeps Danny in his eye site at all times.  They do about everything together.  Steiner rides in the tractor and the truck together. 
Steiner loves to hunt and sometimes when we have had a mole working in our front yard, Steiner can hear or smell him and he starts looks like we have one of those lawn ornaments of the dog's butt sticking up in the air.  He even catches the mole sometimes.  He loves to chase after the flying birds from bush to bush, and sometimes I think they tease Eistein on purpose.  Sitting just high enough in the bush so Steiner can't reach them, chirping and singing.

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