Monday, November 29, 2010

Washed Wool Fiber for Sale

I told you last week that I was cleaning on my studio.  As you know, I spin, knit, felt, and weave with the wool that I grow right here on the Spinning C Fiber Farm and in just a few months, I will have another 50-60 fleeces to wash and sell or process.  I sent a few fleeces to a processor to have the wool spun into yarn, looking for that package in the next couple of weeks.  I sold several fleeces locally, some over the internet and some on Ebay.  I still have a few unwashed fleeces and then the pile of washed fiber in the corner of my studio...I feel that my studio is too cluttered and want to clear a few things out...soooooo I am listing a few of my bags of wool here on this blog and if they don't sell here in the next week, I will sell them on Ebay.
You need to know if you are interested that these bags of fiber do have some vm.  I do not choose to coat my animals.  They graze happily on clipped pastures in the summer and they are fed small square bales of hay in feeders in the fall and winter.  My flock are never subjected to any type of chemicals and I strive to keep them as healthy and peaceful and loved as possible.  Every sheep on this farm has a name...treated like family. 
I skirt the fleeces heavily, wash in hot soapy water over 180 degrees until clean and then I rinse in plain soft water until clear, air dry. 
We take pride in the fleeces that we are producing and continue to manage our breeding program to get the type of fleece that makes a quality produce when finished.  I have had a couple of processors tell me that our wool is very good wool and makes a great finished product. 
You can go back to older post and view most of my sheep. 

                                                                 Sorry, Sold

Number 1 has a silky feel.  This wool is from a Oxford/BFL cross ewe, 1st shearing.  I am building up the flock with this type of wool because I like to spin, knit, and wear this wool.

Number 2 is from John


This fleece is gray and white.  John, Lexi's sheep produces the best sock yarn.  It has a bounce and springiness to it.

Number 3

Hope you see something that you like!
 It is bedtime for this working woman but I will try to add more tomorrow night.

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  1. It's all so pretty. I need to get busy on my fleeces. I can't wait to see them washed.


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