Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Is Nearing

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate our many blessings with family and friends.  Cooking the turkey, making rolls, making salads, family coming home, getting to see the grandchildren, and counting our many blessings.
We are so blessed:
  • We love The Lord and are blessed
  • We have 3 wonderful children and their families
  • We have a warm old farmhouse that keeps us warm and it is cozy with beds to sleep at night
  • We never feel hungry, the cabinets and freezer are full
  • we love the country farm life and enjoy the outdoors
  • we are blessed to have the health to live this life
Angie and Wayne drove in last night.  She is looking pregnant now.  We will cook a turkey Saturday with all the fixing.  Our son and his family will come and we will have a nice dinner and give thanks.
Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, Lisa and her family will arrive and we will have another dinner and enjoy more family time...grandbaby squeezing!
Peace, love, joy, and many blessings to all

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