Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another Thanksgiving on the Spinning C

Lexi was excited to get to our house.  We had not seen her since the summer.  She getting tall and loves to get out with her sheep.

Mr. B sitting on the new toy that we got him for his birthday.  He has a terrible head cold, running a low grade temp and fussy at times but he still likes to play.  He didn't sleep well the first night and neither did Mommy.

Lexi feeding her sheep, John.  they played together when John was just a lamb 4 years ago.  He never seems to forget Lex and he hogs her attention.  She would love to take John home with her in the back of her van but Mom says no...the neighbors in town might frown upon having a sheep in the back yard. 

I took all my old and new needles out of the jars and gave the jars a good washing on Wednesday afternoon...I love to collect knitting needles...don't ask me what kind of pyschological disorder I have but to touch and handle them makes my heart smile...good enough for me!

Making music for Nana.  I try to give their Mommy the organ every visit but she declines gracefully.

Tummy is full, football game on the TV and it feels so good to lean back and shut your eyes...especially if Nana has the camera in hand.  This grandson posed for me when he was a charming little boy.  He now is taller than me or Papa.

Supper time! 

Babe is enjoying himself while eating a little sweets.  He is so pale and not feeling well.  He has the most charming smile and he also gives you the look.


  1. Delightful.
    I prize your collection of knitting needles. It is okay, I can smell the colours in my DMC embroidery box, how weird it that?
    Lovely to have family home. Are the children all from one family?

  2. Our granddaughter and the baby is our youngest daughter's and the teenage grandson is our oldest son's one and only. I stayed real busy after Lisa left for home yesterday morning so that I wouldn't feel so sad and of course worried about them until they reached home. I am always relieved when all are safe at home.
    I have to confess, I have a shoe box full of circular knitting needles that no matter how I display them, I feel disorganized so they stay in the box until I need them. I love the colors of my DMC threads too but I have not did counted cross stitch or embroidery work for a long time except for one tea towel.


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