Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pictures of some of the flock

Isabel, Shetland Ewe
Shetland/BFBL cross 2010 ewe lamb, Lilly's girl, Maggie.

Wally's wool

Shetland/BFBL cross ewe lamb, Sally.

Miss Pretty Stuff, BFBL/Shetland cross lamb 2010

Yearling Ewe,  Lovie.

Gerty, Oxford/BFBL Cross yearling ewe, love her mom's and Dad's wool and she carries both...love that wool!

Gerty's wool

Gerty and Buddy waiting on supper, "do you hear the feed sacks?

Are we going to get served sometime tonight, Buddy?
"shoooo...she is right over there taking pictures"

Clorie, isn't she growing?  The last lamb born this year.

Still waiting!  Enough with the pictures...feed us, Lady!

Love this yearling ewe, Milly.    She is so square and such a pet!

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