Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Old steel dp knitting needles still in the old package.
There is something about using old knitting needles that I have purchased in a small local antique shop or a Estate Sale.  Sometimes I have purchased an old box or basket with a few quilt pieces and maybe an unfinished knitting piece and got home to find a set of knitting needles.  I love these kinds of surprises.

I started knitting fingerless mitts out of some of The Spinning C fiber and using a set of the old needles that I purchased.  Did the lady or gentleman that owned them before me knit socks for their little ones?  Or perhaps they knitted wool items to send to their sons fighting in the Wars.  My mind travels back in time to the what ifs.  What if the lady was knitting to find peace during the war times just as I do sometimes.   Often my mind will just let time and stress slip away into the early morning hours and I can finally lay my head on my pillow and sleep.  Better than a Xanax or a dose of sleeping pills, my pulse slows and my mind wraps itself around the pattern and then I think about the previous owners of the knitting needles in my hands and soon realize that my life stresses can not even compare to what some women were going through in the 1940's and 50's. 

I have a few sets of dps that have never been open.  The package has 25 cents marked on them.  Back in the 40's,  25 cents was quite a bit of money.  Especially if the depression had hit your family.  Did someone purchase the inventory of a store closing out?  Were these needles going to be used by someone that was planning to knit but something happened in her life to change her plans?  Part of me wants to break that seal and start a project so the old needles will have been useful but the other part of me wants to keep the needles just as I purchased them.  What would you do? 

This is just a portion of my knitting needle collection.

This is yarn from our flock of sheep.  Most has been spun to knit socks or to weave scarves or make pairs of stuffed mittens. 

Oh, I wonder what stories these old knitting needles could tell. 


  1. Oh envy of your supplies, both wool and needles. I have a really old set of double pointed needles for socks. Cover and all. I never thought of them as treasures until I saw your supplies. I love how you have your needles stuck in glassware. Very appropriate for a wool lady.

  2. Sarita, I just love the pics of knitting needles! I have 2 tall vases full of needles! I can't seem to pass them up especially if I see them at the thrift store! I absolutely think that spinning and knitting is therapeutic! I love your yarns! Personally I would probably use the needles, but maybe not! Not sure!


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