Monday, February 15, 2010

New cabinets

Danny has been busy building cabinets since he retired. The old antique cabinet that he refinished for his toy tractors was purchased at a estate sale last summer. We didn't look it over very well and bid it up to $50. It was in very poor shape. It had water damage and even some fire damage. Danny spent many hours wearing a mask and sanding. He found cherry and oak wood when he got through the green and white paint and years of dust. We found out that it was the top for a two piece cabinet and the bottom was rotted so Danny rebuilt the bottom and added two small drawers.
He brought it into the house today to hang and put some of his toy tractors in it. I love it. I never dreamed that the old crude dirty wooden cabinet was really a fine piece to store Danny's toy tractors.
Danny has went to a few sales to purchase his toy tractors after his dad found Danny's childhood toy John Deere hanging in the garage by a wire. Danny refurbished the old toy and in the process found other tractors that he has or drove as a boy. A collection that has grown over the years.
Danny also built an oak cabinet to store canned goods on the back porch. It's beautiful. He made his wife very happy. Doesn't it look like it belongs in an old 100 year old farmhouse?

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  1. Oh my goodness Mom! They are gorgeous! My dad is a very talented man. Your canned goods look so good in the pantry. I have to admit I really felt bad for you after you guys bought the one cabinet at that auction with Wayne and me, but now I feel bad that I didn't buy it. Just kidding! It's a really good home for Dad's toy tractors. Finally they have their place.


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