Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sadie and Lady

Sadie and Lady's Flock Sadie My beautiful Lady My GP crosses are doing a great job protecting the flocks of sheep. They get very excited when I come out to play with them but I always go to the sheep lots to walk and pet them. They will be with me for awhile but they will run back and forth checking on the flock the whole time. Both bark at anything strange that comes on the place or even going by their flock. The coyotes start barking in the evening and the girls let them know to stay away from their flock. These big dogs aren't for everyone but they have an important job here on this farm.


  1. They are beautiful! What a nice addition to your farm.

  2. Mom, The girls are growing so fast. I can hardly tell them apart anymore. Beautiful!

  3. they are beautiful and sound like great protecters .


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