Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My New Altered studio table and light

My husband helped me to save one of my favorite pieces of furniture that I have ever owned. You see, Danny made this big oak coffee table for me years ago from the oak boards from a old barn on this farm...as well as shelves, and a wine rack. At our last house, we had oak floors and all this oak furniture. The coffee table was always in the center of everything in our living room. It is very large and over sized and just too large for any room in this old farm house. I didn't want to part with it so we have been moving it around from one room to another to store it. I have been in need of a large work table in my studio upstairs so I came up with the idea to build a base on wheels that we could just set the coffee table on without any alterations to my coffee table.
Danny and I talked about my idea and I came home yesterday to find the base almost done in his wood shop. We went to Home Depot last night and we got the wheels and paint. We painted the base and tonight we set the table on the base....it is wonderful! I can roll it around or lock the wheels in place.
The light on the table is a photo enlarger that I purchased at a garage sale for $10. When I wanted one years ago, I couldn't afford it. It is very large and heavy. I put all my quilting cutting mats and rulers below on the shelf. I plan to put hangers on the frame that holds the coffee table to hang my rulers, mats, scissors, cutter and put clear containers on the shelf for my fabric and projects that I am working on. I have a new large medal ball winder coming and it will work great to wind all my hand spun yarn into balls....(I wore out one of the lighter weight plastic ball winders). I am now looking at a large yarn swift. I have the upright Toika yarn swift beside the table covered with skeins of yarn but it would be easier to have the yarn swift attached to the table.
I also just saw that I won 5 glass antique door knobs on Ebay that I am going to put on an old board to hang my skeins of yarn.
My upright loom is warped and I have started a new big green soft wool rug to put in front of my new table for me to stand on while I am carding or cutting quilt blocks, painting, or whatever. The smaller table loom is also warped and I started a scarf but not happy so my plans have changed on this one.
I still don't have the big floor Toika loom warped yet but I have started! Cream, rust, turoquiose, and a med brown warp is cut and ready to go.
Tired and happy, big plans, and new starts, not worrying about what I don't have done but going to be happy with what I do get done. My New Years's resolution is to stop worrying about what I can not control and leave those things for God.


  1. Love the "save" of the table, Sarita. Your studio looks all spiffy, girl. Nice going.

  2. Love it Mom. You know if you ever grow tired of it (yeah right), it would easily have a home in Michigan!!!


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